Membership Benefits

Photo by Madeline LeClaire Mitchell

Our members learn from each other. And, we’re certain you also have something valuable to share.

Please consider joining our network. We have several options to fit your needs and budget.

Exclusive benefits to members include:

  • Full access to our professional publication, Management Tracks (Current issue & all historical/archived publications)
  • Free webinars hosted by OWP throughout the year
  • Discounted rates for conference and training workshops
  • Access to OWP training and services

Success Stories & Testimonials

For more than 35 years, our members have helped each other succeed. Some examples:

  • Aligning the strategic plan with budgeting and cost-accounting across Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources
  • Training and facilitation for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program’s 5-year strategic plan
  • Realigning Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s internal structure to improve workflow and budget allocation.
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