Community-based Deer Management: Planning for Success

As expanding populations of white-tailed deer and their associated interactions with humans result in an acute array of ecological, economic, and human health and safety impacts, municipalities across much of the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states have been developing deer management programs to address these impacts locally.

How to Facilitate Productive Meetings

We’ve all sat through meetings that lasted too long, and didn’t accomplish very much. Often, these meetings started out promising, but didn’t actually achieve the intended results. What went wrong, and what are the criteria for a successful meeting?

A Few Words from Our President

The Prez Sez… By Ann Forstchen, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Conservation organizations face complex and dynamic issues; many without definitive solutions or a distinct end point. These issues can rarely be addressed alone so collaboration is a critical tool for the conservation of fish and wildlife. Partners, stakeholders …