Pathways 2017 Colorado, September 17, 2017

Join OWP at Pathways 2017 in Estes Park, CO September 17 – 20, 2017!
Multi-Generational Appreciation in Today’s Conservation Agency

Agencies across the country are experiencing more generations working together than ever before. Some agencies have five generations working for them while others are close to having only two – Millennials and Gen Xers! OWP is bringing a workshop to Pathways 2017 dedicated to learning about the various generations in the workforce today and how best to work together in a multi-generational environment. Workshop attendees will:

  • Learn about the characteristics of current generations
  • Receive clues to help with communication
  • See role-playing exercise that teaches participants how to work together, despite differences in style and approach
  • Discuss next steps and best practices for their agencies

This workshop will help attendees help their agencies adjust to the changing demographics of the workplace.

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