Comprehensive Management Systems

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Offered by the Organization of Wildlife Planners

. . . Do your public stakeholders, agency employees and policy makers agree on priorities for issues facing your agency and the agency’s programs?

. . . Is allocation of your agency’s personnel and financial resources priority-driven?

. . . Is your agency able to measure progress and performance in meaningful terms?

If your answer to any of the questions above is NO, your agency could benefit from the

Comprehensive Management systems Workshop from the Organization of Wildlife Planners (OWP).  A Comprehensive management System (CMS) is more than planning—it is a way of doing business and it is a mechanism for bringing citizens, fish and wildlife professionals and policy makers together to jointly determine priorities and future directions of agency programs.


  • What a CMS is, including the 4 basic components & fundamental principles (inventory, strategic plan, operational plan, evaluation)
  • Strategic planning vs. Strategic thinking
  • How internal and external processes affect and link to the four basic components of a CMS
  • What strategic planning is & why it is beneficial to fish & wildlife agencies
  • How operational planning ties in with strategic planning, & how that relates to an entire CMS
  • Variations in agency CMSs, & why each agency must develop a system that works for them
  • Current thinking about performance-based management
  • Common pitfalls, misunderstanding, and mistakes in strategic planning
  • The 3 Ps: Project, Priorities and Planning

The course will be taught by experienced instructors from several fish and wildlife agencies representing a wide variety of expertise.  A CMS Course Agenda available upon request.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for natural resource agency personnel who are interested in measuring program and agency performance.  Commissioners, directors, division heads, program leaders, project managers, federal aid coordinators, planning coordinators, and up-and-coming leaders in your organization would benefit.  Beginners as well as experienced employees will leave the workshop with new ideas and skills.  Because the workshop is interactive, class size is limited to 30 students. Get ready for an intensive, fun, learning experience!

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A Two and half Day course with Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Breaks Offered by the Organization of Wildlife Planners

Draft Agenda

Approx. Time TOPIC
1 Hour Introduction

  • Agenda
  • Instructors
  • Participant List and Expectations
  • Additional CMS Contacts
  • Glossary of Terms
45 Minutes What Is a CMS? Fundamental Principles
45 Minutes Where Are We Now?  Inventory and Scanning
1 Hour and 45 Minutes Where Do We Want To Be? Strategic Planning
2 Hours and 15 Minutes Working Exercise #1 (Strategic Planning)
1 Hour and 30 Minutes How Do We Get There?  Operational Planning
2 Hours and 15 Minutes Working Exercise #2 (Operational Planning)
1 Hour and 30 Minutes Did We make It?  Evaluation and Performance Measures
2 Hours and 15 Minutes Working Exercise #3 (Evaluation and Performance Measures)
45 Minutes Should We or Shouldn’t We?  Pros and Cons of a CMS
45 Minutes The Big Question:  How To Start?
Lagniappe (Free Things You Didn’t Expect)

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