About the OWP

Today, government agencies charged with managing fish and wildlife resources face a tough task – meeting increasing public demands for conservation of populations and habitat with decreasing dollars and staff. The best way to get the job done is to increase agency efficiency and effectiveness. Although that sounds easy, it can be very difficult to do, unless you have an edge. The Organization of Wildlife Planners (OWP) can give you that edge by providing the knowledge and network you need to make your agency work smarter, not harder.

What is OWP?

OWP is a professional organization of creative, committed people concerned with the management and future of government agencies that manage fish and wildlife populations and habitat. It was established in 1978 to promote and facilitate the development of effective fish and wildlife management systems. Since 1979, the OWP has been an affiliate of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. OWP provides a venue for interaction among  managers, planners, and administrators who represent state and federal fish and wildlife and land management agencies; universities; conservation organizations; and provincial government agencies.  Participation is open to anyone interested in improving management of fish and wildlife resources.

Our mission

To help improve the management of fish and wildlife agencies and to help support the professional lives of the people that participate in our organization.

Our vision

To have healthy, sustainable ecosystems in which fish and wildlife flourish; excellent fish and wildlife agencies; enthusiastic people participating in OWP; and high trust and credibility for OWP among members and clients.

What can OWP do for me?

OWP promotes and facilitates efficient and effective agency management through:


  • Valuable guidance and case studies
  • Annual Workshop – motivational, thought-provoking, informative and fun
  • Newsletter and conference proceedings


  • Practical hands-on workshops
  • Courses in systems design and implementation
  • In-house workshops tailored to agency needs
  • University curriculum guide


  • Develop contacts with OWP members across the country
  • Capitalize on working relationships with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, conservation organizations and others
  • Mentors for new members

Additional assistance from OWP.